Green Propulsion

… motorizing tomorrow


Prototype development costs and timeframes leave no margin for error!

As part of its own technology monitoring, Green Propulsion runs regular bench tests on leading edge technology recently introduced to the market (engines, motors, batteries, etc.) The resulting characterisation is used to enrich its “Components” database.

A new project begins with an in-depth analysis of the application which then translates into a specific “Drive or Charge cycle”.

Using component and cycle characterisations, our in-house Métropol software is able to simulate performance, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions for any virtual vehicle equipped with alternative motorisation.

Hybrid vehicles providing a choice between two sources of energy associated either electrically (serial) or mechanically (parallel) require specific management. Mathematical minimisation of their CO2 “Well to Wheel” emissions are run through another in-house software package called OptiH. Among other things, this software defines the power split for the driver request for each topology, as it is eventually implemented in the vehicle. This precious outcome, resulting from long-term experience, is a key element of the final environmental assessment.

These simulation and optimisation tools are used by our own R&D team and are also provided to our clients for their projects.