Green Propulsion

… motorizing tomorrow

Sustainable mobility, fleet management, training

As an independent specialist, Green Propulsion is often consulted by public (government offices and institutions) and private (fleet managers) decision-makers and asked to provide its expertise in the field of cleaner motorisations and, more broadly, sustainable mobility.

We offer the following areas of expertise, among others:

  • Tailored research such as new technology monitoring, changes to regulatory frameworks and taxation policies in response to current or future advances in transportation (e.g.: urban taxis), technical-economic feasibility studies for innovative motorisation and vehicles (e.g.: dual catenary/battery trolleys), well-to-wheel analyses, full life cycles analyses, etc.
  • Assistance in fleet management which may include, if required: Instrumentation of typical vehicles to better understand their actual use, increasing awareness of alternative motorisation technologies, assessment of the direct and indirect costs (environmental damage) of vehicles, understanding current and planned national and European regulatory frameworks, the reformulation of tenders for acquiring new vehicles on the market; the introduction of eco-driving or the optimisation of travel routes
  • Conferences and training: the creation and supply of training modules in the fields of batteries, electric motors, various forms of hybrids and, more generally, alternative motorisations, from a theoretical point of view or based on specific test benches.