Green Propulsion

… motorizing tomorrow

Urban transport

To have the ability to cross major urban centres without exhaust emissions and to recharge batteries in places where no direct pollution is created while reducing operating costs... Is this a dream or soon to be reality?

This issue is more acute for manufacturers and users of urban transportation vehicles including busses, garbage trucks, delivery trucks and postal service vehicles. Green Propulsion has specifically developed its Automixte® motorisation for this segment, using a hybrid topology which combines serial AND parallel modes. Implemented in a 12m city bus, it provides 30 km in pure electric mode and a reduction of 25 to 40% in CO2 emissions. To achieve these results, the company turned to drastic engine downsizing, lithium-polymer batteries, and plug-in hybridization!

Thanks to its independence, its unique experience, its flexibility, and its ability to work with operators and manufacturers, Green Propulsion is the ideal partner to help you move ahead of your competition when meeting the challenge of less polluting motorisations.

Green Propulsion will work with you from design to production start-up to adapt the Automixte® concept to the specificities of your vehicle and to your line of thermal engines.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed plans
  • Building of prototype(s)
  • Training of your team
  • Pilot operations support
  • Production start-up support

Based on our understanding of severe demands on electric motorisation and, more particularly, rapid battery charging, Green Propulsion is developing dual power for trams and trolleys using catenaries and batteries. Let’s bring together clean transportation and city residents worried about the aesthetics of their city!