Green Propulsion

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Test benches

In order to successfully carry out its innovative projects, Green Propulsion must meet specific bench test requirements which the market cannot fulfil. Green Propulsion has, therefore, set up a dedicated department which has developed a complete range of high-performance testing resources:

  • Vehicle instrumentation: a range of speed, position, acceleration, consumption, temperature, and other sensors
  • Test bench for:
    • Batteries: efficiency measurements, automatic charge and discharge cycles up to 500A, creation of models for simulation purposes
    • Thermal engines and electric motors: calibration, performance and efficiency measurements, etc.
    • Complete vehicles, on chassis dynamometer: validation of performance and cooling circuits, simulation of driving cycles, endurance

These testing resources are available to our clients and we will also build them at their request.

Our dual experience with alternative motorisations and test benches is unique and particularly sought after by both the academic and professional sectors. Green Propulsion therefore offers educational test benches and teaching modules for new technologies:

  • Electric motors: exploration of the characteristics of AC and DC motors suitable for automobile traction
  • Batteries: exploration of the characteristics of Li-ion and Li-Po batteries suitable for automobile traction
  • Hybrid motorisations: introduction to serial, parallel and combined management strategies for hybrid vehicles