Some striking innovations mark the course of Green Propulsion Engineering:

  • Integration of P3 parallel hybrid technology in a small Volkswagen Lupo (2002)
  • Design of an unprecedented hybridization, parallel AND series, applied to a Renault Kangoo (2004)
  • Sporty variation of the P3 plug-in hybrid, on a Ford Escort mk1: ecology AND performance (2005)
  • Introduction of the first Lithium (Li-NMC) batteries at Renault and Volkswagen (2006)
  • Unique hybrid combination, CNG and electricity, and drastic engine downsizing (2 cylinders) on a Ford Mondeo (2008)
  • Application of the – patented – series AND parallel hybrid on an IVECO city bus (2010) .
  • Demonstration of the Imperia GP on the Francorchamps circuit: environmental performance, sportiness and vintage style come together (2012)
  • Design of a unique and jointly patented hybridization with the customer Lamborghini (2014)
  • European approval of the Imperia GP (2015)
  • Electric re-motorization of Han-sur-Lesse trams, with 6min fast charges (2014-2019)
  • Serial production of tailor-made battery packs for Glutton (2017-)