Your challenges

Do you need to comply with new and expensive emissions standards?
Do your customers want you to reduce the TCO of your vehicles by reducing fuel consumption?
Is it the market trend, or are your customers pushing you towards hybrid or electric?
Don’t you have the internal resources to lead an electric revolution?

Our tailor-made solutions

Too often, we meet customers who have failed in their “electrification path” because of misguided choices that lead to mixed technical or commercial success.

From the plug-in hybrid to the electric on batteries, with more than 25 years of experience, Green Propulsion Engineering (GPE) has the expertise to help you move towerds the right path.

Our approach guarantees future commercial success through a proven development methodology, from the first idea to the finished product:

  1. By simulation, demonstration of technical and economical feasibility
  2. Mechanical and electrical integration of the system
  3. Prototyping – Pre-production
  4. Validation, testing and approval of the system/vehicle
  5. Small-scale production

Our services cover phases 1 to 5. We can also step in and out on an as-needed basis.

Demonstration of feasibility via simulation

GPE technical and economical simulation tools portfolio includes performances, gradeability, energy consumption / CO2 emissions, range of the vehicle, … but also the end-user Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Based on the specific duty cycles of the application, GPE target is to find the best compromise between key factors e.g. the performance, the energy efficiency, the reliability, the development cost, …

Simulation also eases the cost effective evaluation of diverse electrified solutions: series and/or parallel hybrid, electric?

Mechanical and electrical integration of the system

Thanks to its deep understanding of the complete system, GPE also provides a complete set of integrator services, based on its large database of long-term partners (e.g. engines, motors, battery manufacturers, transmission specialist):

  • The 3D mechanical integration of the engine, the motor(s), the battery and their accessories within an existing vehicle chassis / body and eventually the design of a specific transmission
  • Possible design of a specific transmission.
  • Heat management.
  • Electrical, electronic and software (BMS, VMU) integration: specific wiring diagrams, CAN communication protocol, possible dedicated electronics, etc.
  • Metropol energy management software, thanks to our multi-target optimization algorithm.

Prototyping / pre-production

Thanks to a staff of senior technicians, these engineering concepts turn into reality in GPE well-equipped workshop, with a fully functional validation prototype and/or directly a pre-series:

  • Prototype systems
  • Vehicle conversion
  • Prototype complete vehicle

Validation, tests and approval of the system / vehicle

System testing facilities or vehicle test campaign finally ensures that they meet the customer’s targets MTBF and its EU homologation:

  • Engine / motor test bench
  • Battery test bench
AC motor on the test bench

AC motor on the test bench

Small serial production

A 1400 m² hall dedicated to a flexible small-series assembly of:

  • Components, e.g. application-specific battery packs
  • Motorisations
  • Electrification kits

Our achievements

Some striking innovations mark the course of Green Propulsion Engineering:

  • Integration of P3 parallel hybrid technology in a small Volkswagen Lupo (2002)
  • Design of an unprecedented hybridization, parallel AND series, applied to a Renault Kangoo (2004)
  • Sporty variation of the P3 plug-in hybrid, on a Ford Escort mk1: ecology AND performance (2005)
  • Introduction of the first Lithium (Li-NMC) batteries at Renault and Volkswagen (2006)
  • Unique hybrid combination, CNG and electricity, and drastic engine downsizing (2 cylinders) on a Ford Mondeo (2008)
  • Application of the – patented – series AND parallel hybrid on an IVECO city bus (2010) .
  • Demonstration of the Imperia GP on the Francorchamps circuit: environmental performance, sportiness and vintage style come together (2012)
  • Design of a unique and jointly patented hybridization with the customer Lamborghini (2014)
  • European approval of the Imperia GP (2015)
  • Electric re-motorization of Han-sur-Lesse trams, with 6min fast charges (2014-2019)
  • Serial production of tailor-made battery packs for Glutton (2017-)