Marine propulsion is a priority candidate for hybridization. In fact, for a non-planing hull, the hydrodynamic resistance varies greatly with speed. On a daily basis, at a cruising speed lower than the maximum speed, a conventional engine therefore finds itself in a range of poor efficiency.

We have designed a hybrid system capable of providing two functionalities:

  • The propulsion of the boat
  • Electricity generation

System specifications

Turbo Diesel engine

  • 3-cylinder 1.9l
  • 42 kW (57 hp)
  • EU Stage V compliant

Electric motor / generator

  • SRPM technology
  • Continuous power: 41 kW (55 hp)
  • Liquid cooled

Li-NMC battery pack

  • Energy: 40 kWh
  • Nominal voltage: 358 V
  • only 200 kg
  • Liquid cooled


  • No inverter, 1-gear reduction

Hybrid propulsion power

  • 83 kW (112 hp)


  • Reversible DC/DC 358V/24V
  • DC/AC 220V inverter


Improved system redundancy

Long distance sailing

  • Hybrid Diesel / electric propulsion
  • Automatic management
  • -20 to -40% fuel consumption
  • Smaller fuel tank or longer range
  • Lower operating costs

Harbour or anchorage approach

  • Battery electric propulsion
  • No noise, no emissions
  • Access to zero emissions zones
  • Fast forward / reverse transitions

At anchorage

  • Battery power generation
  • No genset, no noise, no emissions
  • More electric power available for more comfort devices
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